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Facebook introduces We Think Digital to support Hong Kong’s drive to cultivate responsible digital citizens

March 22, 2021

Free educational programs and awareness campaign to build safer online communities


Hong Kong – March 22, 2021 –Facebook today launched We Think Digital, a multi-phased awareness and educational campaign to help Hong Kong’s internet users navigate the online world safely and responsibly, and cultivate responsible digital citizens with complete digital literacy. Created in partnership with Agent of Change Foundation and The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Media 21 (M21), along with a diverse group of supporting organizations, We Think Digital features a range of online and offline initiatives over the course of this year, including free online training webinars, educational content on WeThinkDigital website and a joint marketing campaign with local cafes and different brands including Bow Coffee. The program aims to train 10,000 local digital citizens in 12 months.


Hong Kong’s internet penetration rate is high[1], yet this does not mean that everyone is familiar with the digital world. With the rapid development of the internet and various ways of accessing the digital world, the correct attitudes and behaviors that foster safe online communities are becoming just as important as digital skills. 


As a response to the urgent need for stronger digital literacy and digital citizenship, Facebook is bringing the global program, We Think Digital, to Hong Kong for the first time. The program aims to teach people how to navigate their privileges and obligations in today’s evolving digital space, how they should decipher and share information online, and most importantly, how they should interact with other people in online communities.


“We know our job is never done when it comes to online safety, and we will continue to build better tools, improve our policies, and partner with experts to ensure our platforms offer a safe and positive experience for our community,” said George Chen, Director of Public Policy, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Central Asia at Facebook.“In addition to bringing We Think Digital to Hong Kong, Facebook will continue to invest heavily in people, technology, programs and partnerships, such as reducing the spread of misinformation and minimizing incidences of online harassment, to keep our communities closer together.”


We Think Digital webinars 

Starting from Mar 25, Facebook will host a series of live webinars covering relevant topics including digital citizenship, online safety, hate speech and bullying, privacy and cybersecurity, as well as misinformation. Each webinar will feature advice and tips from industry leaders, experts, educators and key opinion leaders to empower everyone to become a more informed and responsible digital citizen.


The first webinar will broadcast on Mar 25 at 3pm, featuring 4 well-known industry figures who will teach people the basics of “what is internet” and “what it means to hold digital citizenship.” The guest speakers include:

  • Charles Mok, Founder of TechforGood.Asia 

  • Stanley Kam, President of The Hong Kong Association for Computer Education

  • Andy Chan, Unit-in-charge of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Wellness Mind Centre

  • George Chen, Director of Public Policy, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Central Asia of Facebook

  • Karen Cheng, Multimedia Host and Producer (Moderator)

All webinars can be viewed on the WeThinkDigital Hong Kong Facebook Page


Bow Coffee offline campaign

Facebook is also partnering with Bow Coffee in Wan Chai to launch an offline campaign to educate more people on digital literacy. From Apr 12 until May 29, all walk-in customers can scan a QR code to view a video post on Facebook, like the post and take a screenshot to receive a discount.Customers can also visit the exhibition corner and interactive zone that will display over 20 online safety questions, and they are encouraged to write and share their experience at the interactive zone. During the campaign period, Facebook will also conduct an online survey on We Think Digital Hong Kong Facebook Page; participants may have a chance to win a cup of coffeeat Bow Coffee. 


Online resources on

In collaboration with experts, academics, non-governmental organizations and civil society organizations, Facebook has designed a set of modules and resources for educators and members of the public to download for free. To download the resources, please visit: 


Pilot Teacher Trainings & Teacher Empowerment Program

From Jun to Dec, Facebook will implement a “Pilot Teacher Trainings & Teacher Empowerment” Digital Literacy Program in parallel with the Hong Kong Association of Careers Masters and Guidance Masters, and The Hong Kong Association for Computer Education to provide training and school-based support for teachers to implement digital literacy lessons at their own schools. Stay tuned for more details, which will be shared on We Think Digital Hong Kong Facebook Page.


Since 2019, We Think Digital has reached 14 countries and regions around the world, such as Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Argentina and more. Through numerous partnerships worldwide, over 2 million people were trained and engaged, including youth, teachers, seniors and families from all walks of life. 


For more information, please visit:


[1]According to the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, Hong Kong’s household broadband penetration rate is 95% (September 2020).

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